History of Fervency #200

Point of Rocks, almost since it was first settled in the early 1700's was one of the key transportation centers west of Washington and Baltimore. Originally a part of the 17,000 acres of Carrollton Manor, the village Trummelstown, as it was then called was utilized as a landing for ferry service between Maryland and Virginia. Rafts were used to transport timber, tobacco, corn, wheat, and hemp along the Potomac river.

Trummelstown was actually located about a mile north of the present location, but the village spread eastward after being partially destroyed by fire in the 1820's.

The year 1831 marked the completion of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal.

The Baltimore and Ohio railroad reached Point of Rocks in 1832.

Alter the building of the first bridge in 1849 the town we now know as Point of Rocks was laid out by Mr. H.G. O'Neal, a County Surveyor, in August of 1855. Point of Rocks received its name from a large rock projecting over the C&0 canal. Alter the B&O tracks were extended farther westward along the Potomac River, at the tum of the century, Point of Rocks was the western terminal for the B&0 Railroad. Route 15 also passed through Point of Rocks.

Farmers from Loudon County, Virginia and Frederick County, Maryland needed a market for their grain. It was shipped from Point of Rocks by canal to Georgetown. Iron ore mined in Virginia also used the canal, and later used the railroad to transport pig iron to Baltimore, and Wheeling, West Virginia. Marble quarried in the Point of Rocks area was transported to Washington to be used in the building of the Supreme Court and other Federal Buildings.

As the railroad, the canal, the route 15 bridge, and ferries became the main links to communities in Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia, Point of Rocks became the meeting place for traveling men.

It was only fitting that in the midst of the growth of transportation, another type of "traveling men” emerged.


Eleven Brothers, who were members of Brunswick Lodge No. 191, and Columbia Lodge No. 58 of Frederick, demitted their lodges to organize Fervency Lodge and being Charter members worked very hard to make sure that Fervency Lodge survived.

William Q. Stauffer – First Worshipful Master

Benjamin F. Stauffer – First Senior Warden

Thomas B. Johnson – First Junior Warden

William H. Harrison – First Secretary

Charles W. Wright – First Treasurer

Richard W. Trapnell – First Senior Deacon

George A. Snouffer – First Junior Deacon

Charles M. Elliot – First Tyler

Fervency Lodge No. 200 received its Charter May 10, 1898. These officers and members of the newly organized Fervency Lodge held its meetings from April 1898 until December 1898 in the Methodist Church (Epworth Methodist Church). During this time plans were being made to build a Lodge building across the road from the church.

These eleven Charter members organized the "Point of Rocks Mutual Building Association” and sold stock to its members to borrow $1200.00 to build the Lodge.

The building committee presented the following resolution, which was adopted by the Lodge at a communication held on July 23, 1898:

Whereas The collection from the Fraternity having not reached sufficient proportion, and from the present outlook are not such as we can depend upon that source for any material aid in the erection of our building, therefore be it.

Resolved; That our entire membership or as many as feel disposed mutually agree to borrow a sufficient amount from the bank for the purpose of erecting the building, given out joint note, and be it further.

Resolved; That those signing this note agree to pay into the hands of the treasurer or trustee of said Mutual Company monthly payments sufficient to take up this note within a period of four years. Basing the cost of building as above at $1200.00 with a membership of fifteen by paying of $2.00 per month each, the dept can be paid off in three years, and nine months including interest.

Be it further Resolved; That the collection from the Fraternity be used for the exclusive purpose of furnishing the Lodge, which is materially Masonic property, be it further.

Resolved; That the members of this organization who own stock in said building shall sell to the Fraternity at any time they feel able to buy at the actual amount subscribed by each. A separate account being kept of all money received from other source than that subscribed by the fraternity.

On August 06, 1898 Fervency Lodge No. 200 received a bid from A.J. Colbert to build a “Lodge building of these specification, a square roof, rafters 14 feet long, the building to be twenty feet by forty-five, and nineteen feet high. A square roof would require 16-foot rafters, which will cost more. My bid $947.00 without spouting, which will cost about twenty dollars more. Snow brakes on the roof will cost another fifteen dollars. Eighteen big windows and four smaller windows included in this bid. A building twenty-four by forth-eight feet, and nineteen feet high if one foot higher another thirty-two dollars. Total would be $1164.00.”

The Lodge building was completed in December 1898 and after many floods still stands at 3733 Clay Street, in Point of Rocks, Maryland.

The first communication Fervency Lodge No. 200 held in its new Lodge building was on December 3, 1898. The Alter was donated by Mystic Lodge No. 109 of Baltimore, Maryland. The other furniture was purchased by the Lodge. At the first communication in the new Lodge building, Brothers C.W. Wright, T.B. Johnson, W.F. Harrison, and B.F. Stouffer were appointed to furnish the Lodge, and to spend up to three hundred dollars if necessary.

May 20, 1899 after the Lodge closed, the Brethren and their families held a banquet in the banquet hall in commemoration of the first anniversary of the Lodge.

November 4, 1899 Motion made and carried No Tobacco" to be used on the Masonic floors.

September 19, 1901 Volunteers to light lamps, and etc., were C.W. Wright for the month of October. B.F. Stouffer for November, W.Q. Stouffer for December, and J.B. Williams for January 1902.

December 6, 1902 Brother C.W. Wright appointed to purchase four cuspidors for the Lodge.

November 5, 1904 The Lodge purchased an organ. Cost $150.00, and A.J. Colbert put the organ on the second floor of the Lodge November 11, 1904. Cost $3.00.

May 19, 1906 The eight-anniversary banquet of Fervency Lodge was cancelled after the Worshipful Master G.W. Lilly, the wardens, and committee could not agree upon the arrangements for the banquet.

June 16, 1906 Members began installing the equipment to light the Lodge building with Acetylene gas.

November 3, 1906 Grand Lecturer Graham Dukehard was present for the ceremony of the transfer of the Masonic Building from the B. & L. Association to Fervency Lodge. February 1, 1908 The Lodge accepted the bid of $200.00 from Mr. Elliott to install a furnace in the basement to heat the building.

May 23, 1908 The tenth anniversary of Fervency Lodge was held. The hall was beautifully decorated. Worshipful Master O.M. Fogle acted as toastmaster, Brother C.W. Wright delivered the address of "Welcome". Tables were set for one hundred, and most were taken. Brunswick Lodge No. 191, the Mother Lodge of Fervency Lodge was well represented.

May 6, 1911 Past Master W.F. Harrison made Honorary member and exempt from paying dues for his outstanding service to Fervency Lodge.

September 11, 1911 A special communication was held at 3:30 p.m. for the purpose of laying the Corner Stone of the 'Holy Trinity Episcopal Church"

March 15, 1913 Brother W.F. Harrison was presented a diploma of "Lifetime Membership". The one and only ever given to any member of Fervency Lodge as of this date.

May 18, 1918 Fervency Lodge celebrated its twentieth anniversary on the lower floor.

June 1, 1918 Brothers E.L. Blessing, and C.H. Conley were presented a medal in honor of these two brothers joining the Armed Forces to fight for our Country.

December 20, 1919 Motion made and carried for the lodge treasurer Brother G.H. Hickman to sign the petition in circulation, and to use electricity in the Masonic Hall, and to donate $50.00 for the purpose of assisting in the installation of poles, and wire of the Hagerstown and Frederick electric company.

March 20, 1923 Fervency Lodge began donating $10.00 per year to the town lights.

August 10, 1923 A special communication was called to show respect for the death of our late President of the United States, Brother Warren G. Harding, who died in San Francisco, California, August 2, 1923. The Lodge stood for a period of five minutes in silent Prayer, and the Alter was draped in black for thirty days.

February 2, 1926 Brother Lester E. Hine appointed to notify the Band that it was to keep the building in better shape, and to replace all electric bulbs missing after each Band meeting.

November 2, 1926 Lodge dues increased from $4.00 to $6.00 per year.

March 15, 1932 Brother Charles L. Blentlinger presented the Lodge with a large, framed picture of Brother George Washington.

May 10, 1935 Fervency Lodge held its 37th anniversary. The committee for the event was W.F. Harrison, Program, L.E. Sigafoose, Refreshments, and C.H. Lamar, Reception.

March 17, 1936 William C. Wright received the entered Apprentice Degree and the next evening the Potomac River water was close to the second floor of the Masonic Lodge. The bridge crossing the Potomac River at Point of Rocks washed away.

April 20, 1937 The bridge that washed away during the flood of March 1936 is almost completed.

March 24, 1944 Brother W.Q. Stouffer the first Worshipful Master of Fervency Lodge died and was buried March 27, 1944 in Saint Paul's Cemetery in Point of Rocks, Maryland.

March 20, 1945 Fervency Lodge donated $20.00 to the Red Cross.

June 19, 1945 Fervency Lodge made payment of $38.00 to the Masonic War Relief.

February 5, 1946 Fervency Lodge paid its assessment of $36.00 to the Military activities.

May 10, 1948 Fervency Lodge held its fiftieth anniversary. The event cost the Lodge $123.43. Brother H.R. Mohler provided the cake.

April 19, 1949 The Lodge did not close with peace and harmony, due to an argument between the Worshipful Master and the Secretary. Hine and Horn.

February 21, 1950 Brother E.E. Michael appointed to prepare a petition to have Frederick County to improve the road in front of the Lodge Building.

November 6, 1951 At the opening of this stated communication Brother John R. Horn the Lodge secretary was stricken with a severe heart attack and taken to the Frederick Hospital.

May 6, 1952 Fervency Lodge celebrated its fifty-fourth anniversary with twenty-five members and visitors attending the stated communication.

June 17, 1952 The Lodge agreed to let the Point of Rocks baseball team hold a dance on the lower floor, with strict orders, that all bottles, cans, and all rubbish be cleaned up the next morning, failure to do so would eliminate all future dances.

February 3, 1953 The Lodge had a new oil burner installed; cost $125.00. The Lodge also gave permission for the Boy Scouts to hold a dance on the lower floor to raise money for their treasury.

September 21, 1954 Electric bill for the months of June, July and August ordered and paid, the amount $2.50.

December 7, 1954 Mrs. Mary Brown, the Lodge janitor, was paid $25.00 for her service during 1954.

December 6, 1955 The election of officers for the ensuing term ended seven straight years the Past Master Lester E. Hine has served as Master to keep this Lodge together. Due to his sincere love for this Lodge, has made it possible for many of us to become members of Fervency Lodge. I know I speak for many when I say thank you, Brother Lester E. Hine.

May 15, 1956 Fervency Lodge celebrated its fifty-eighth anniversary with a covered dish supper after Lodge. They also donated $23.00 to the Adamstown Fire Company.

October 9, 1956 Most Worshipful Grand Master Arthur W. Dowell and his Grand Lodge officers visited Fervency Lodge. Present were 21 Fervency Lodge members, 19 visiting Brothers and 15 Grand Lodge officers.

Of the three Lodges chartered in 1898 Fervency Lodge No. 200 is the only one still existing.

February 18, 1958 No communication held due to a snowstorm which blocked roads in all surrounding states. The people of Point of Rocks, and Lodge members gave shelter to approximately two hundred people stranded by the storm. They were served hot cakes, eggs, soup, coffee, pie and given medical care. Brother Charles B. Emmons Jr. (Briggs) towed many cars and trucks out of the snow drifts. rother Hine said he met several Brothers from North Carolina.

June 3, 1958 Fervency Lodge celebrated its 60th anniversary on the lower floor with refreshments prepared by its members and their wives.

December 2, 1969 Worshipful Master Bates requested Past Master Lester E. Hine to approach the Alter where Grand Inspector Virgle S. Zentz presented him with a Masonic watch on behalf of the Lodge in token of his fifty years of service, and dedication to Fervency Lodge. He was very emotional, and unable to express his feelings at this time.

May 21, 1970 Brother Allen Harrison of Potomac Lodge No. 5, Washington, D.C. presented Fervency Lodge with a large letter (G) to be placed above the Master chair. Brother Harrison is the son of one of the builders of Fervency Lodge, Brother W. F. Harrison.

 April 19, 1971 Worshipful Master Charles Barshears has completed the arrangements, and Brother Elmer Baker, and his wife were admitted into the Masonic Home at Bonnie Blink today.

June 1972 Fervency Lodge along with others along the Potomac River were hit with high water.

May 17, 1973 Fervency Lodge celebrated its 75th anniversary with a dinner at the Kountry Kitchen in Point of Rocks. Past Grand Master W. Norman Penn, and his guest had dinner with us. After dinner we returned to the Lodge, and held our regular communication, and Brother Penn was our guest speaker. Brother Horace R. Mohler provided the cake for the 75th anniversary, just like he did for the 25th anniversary. Brother Russell Micheal presented Fervency Lodge the hat, which Past Grand Master H.O. Schroder wore when he served as Grand Master of Maryland Masons.

April 16, 1974 The members of Fervency Lodge agreed to purchase 105 yards of blue carpet from Routzahns in Frederick. Price $1147.00 installed with padding.

March 18, 1975 Brother D.S. Null offered Fervency Lodge an interest free loan to have aluminum siding installed on the building. After a vote the offer was accepted. The siding is to be white.

April 15, 1975 A bid of $3550.00 was received from F.E. Burns to install the siding, gutters, and down spouting. The bid was accepted, and the work was completed thereafter.

December 21, 1975 Members of Fervency Lodge operated the kitchen at the Tuscarora Gun Club to help make money for the Lodge, due to all the expense of Lodge repairs we are short on funds. This became a regular duty of our Brothers for several years, and we were happy to do it, but over the years it came to the point that it was only several of us working the kitchen, and we had to give it up.

May 22, 1976 Fervency Lodge lost its most devoted Brother, and Past Master Lester E. Hine to that Lodge above. Without his outstanding duty to Fervency Lodge this Lodge would not be existing today.

January 4, 1977 Brother Arthur R. Emmons has installed most of the plumbing for the future rest room. He also donated the material and fixtures.

June 7, 1977 Fervency Lodge made its final payment of $600.00 to Brother Delbert Null on the interest free loan he made to our Lodge. Thanks Brother Null.

November 15, 1978 Brother's Robert, Paul and Leo Roberson, and Charles Stone have given enough material, along with the material Arthur Emmons gave and installed to complete the plumbing in the Lodge except the main hookup. Our Worshipful Master is Arthur R. Emmons, a blood brother to Charles Briggs Emmons, Jr. who served as Worshipful Master in 1967. These two brothers are the first blood brothers to ever serve as Master's of Fervency Lodge.

September 21, 1979 Our Worshipful Master Jerry A. Potts was called to that Lodge above before he could complete his full tour of duty as Worshipful Master.

July 13, 1980 Fervency Lodge was honored to be invited to the Dickerson United Methodist Church to celebrate their fiftieth anniversary, and to participate in the re-laying of its corner stone. January 6, 1981 Mrs. Thelma Fillieaux gave Fervency Lodge new Jewel Collars for the Lodge Officers in memory of her late father Past Master W. R. Renn. He served as Master of Fervency Lodge from 1941 through 1945.

April 7, 1981 Rovert G. Tuck on behalf of his wife Margaret presented the Lodge with two lovely chairs.

March 2, 1982 M.W.P.G.M. William M. Koenig visited Fervency and declined the Grand Honors and chose to sit on the sideline. Brother Koenig's subject this evening was "Masonry is not dying" he stated many years ago only one in two thousand was a mason, today one in each sixty-nine is a mason. The several Masonic Organizations donate one and one half million dollars to charity each day.

May 3, 1982 After eight four years Fervency Lodge now has running water (THAT'S NOT FLOOD WATER) and a restroom. Water and sewer came to town and Fervency Lodge was installed and waiting. The first flush of the new restroom was made by Past Master Russell S. Brewer at 4:45pm May 3, 1982.

December 7, 1982 All members of Fervency Lodge present stood for a moment of Silent Prayer in memory of all that lost their lives at Pearl Harbor forty-nine years ago, today.

May 11, 1983 Past Master Russell S. Brewer was installed as the Most Excellent Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Maryland.

December 6, 1983 The names of James O. Hyder, Oscar O. Fogal and Rufus Reed all deceased, were removed from the Lodge Deed, and replaced with Richard W. Stone, Claude E. Pettitt and Russell S. Brewer.

October 16, 1984 Past Master Charles F. Stone requested Ted A. Heflin to approach the Alter where he thanked him for donating over six thousand dollars to the renovation of the lower floor. A new heating and cooling system was installed New ceiling lights and ceiling fans were also installed in the Lodge room Thanks to Past Master Robert H. Carey and Brother Forrest Hope for upgrading the electrical service.

January 15, 1985 Richard W. Stone son of Past Master Charles F. Stone became the first father and son combination to ever serve as Masters of Fervency Lodge. This will not be the last.

November 5, 1985 Fervency Lodge held its regular communication. The next day at 4pm the Potomac River was eleven inches from going in the door of the Lodge building. When the Potomac crested, the Lodge had thirty inches of water on the first floor.

March 18, 1986 M.W.GM.C. David Haacke, and twelve of his Grand Lodge Officers visited Fervency Lodge. Past Master Robert G. Tuck made an interesting report on the history of Point of Rocks, and Masonry in Maryland.

May 19, 1987 Past Master Charles F. Stone has paid Fervency Lodges outstanding bill in the amount of $1530.17. Past Master Charles F. Stone and Brother Ted A. Heflin have been a Godsend to Fervency Lodge.

June 2, 1987 Fervency Lodge selected Carolyn Pearson to receive the $500.00 Education Grant.

May 15, 1990 Miss Sandra L. Lewis of Poolesville was presented a $500.00 Masonic Charities education Grant by Worshipful Master Robert Taylor.

August 19, 1990 Past Master James R. Lillard Jr. for several years has used his antique cars to represent Fervency Lodge in the Point of Rocks Founders Day Parade and has won several trophies for the Lodge.

May 19, 1992 By special dispensation from the Grand Master, Fervency Lodge held its stated communication in Epworth United Methodist Church in Point of Rocks to celebrate its early history. The same location that the founders of Fervency Lodge first held its communication. This church will soon be closed and sold. Past Master Robert Tuck gave a very informative history on the Lodge early years to the present day.

November 3, 1992 Fervency Lodge had the honor of having Brother Reginald J. Donald of Lodge No. 392 of Maroochydore Queens Land Australia visiting with us. Brother Donald is visiting his daughter who lives near Furnace Mountain, Va.

April 19, 1994 Fervency Lodge members elected to purchase chair No. 200 in the new Grand Lodge Building at Bonnie Blink. Purchase price $200.00.

May 2, 1995 The Citizen's Nursing Home in Frederick, Maryland presented Fervency Lodge a plaque for its continued support of its bingo parties at the home. The late Past Master Arthur R. Emmons started this project November 8,1978. He traveled from his home in Alexandria, Virginia to attend Lodge, and serve as Worshipful Master at the bingo parties. He was very devoted to Fervency Lodge.

January and September 1996 Fervency Lodge suffered damage from the Potomac River. One flood wasn't enough we had to have two in one year. We lost all the carpet on the lower floor, heavy damage to our new $1500.00 doors, and the heater in the bathroom was destroyed.

September 16, 1997 Fervency Lodge has been invaded with bat's, and we have a contractor to get rid of the bats, clean up the waste and seal the building to prevent their return. Cost $2500.00.

May 2, 2022 Junior Warden apologizes for the "chicken breast" fiasco. 

April 2023, a remarkable bathroom renovation was skillfully executed by the talented team of Brother Joe Reckley, Andrew Orcutt, David Mohler, and Justin Highland. Their combined efforts and dedication have resulted in an exquisite transformation, greatly enhancing the space for all to enjoy.